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Executive Marketing Package

Phase 1 (Months 1-3): Onboard, Appraise, Analyze, Plan, Set the Groundwork

Mobile-Friendly Redesign of your website in Wordpress

Search Engine Optimization - On-Site Optimization: Optimize your website so it is ’search-engine friendly’ using our proprietary 74- point SEO-readiness checklist. This helps make your website more likely to attract relevant Google Search title and description elements of each page and will include relevant keywords and/or long-tail searches so that Google Search results will function properly.

Search Engine Optimization - Add Content to Website: We will arrange for a recorded, 60-minute, Q&A phone interview with you about your business and place it on your website as articles that can be found and read by Google searchers.

Search Engine Optimization - Optimize Google Maps: Set up and/or modify Google Maps listings for all of your locations. Optimize listings to increase visibility on Google and improve ranking of each listing.

Social Media - Facebook Marketing: Facebook helps potential clients engage, ask questions, and become great customers. We will post 1 article from your website to your Facebook page each week to keep your business in the minds of potential and past customers. This helps drive you tons of brand new leads.

Lead Tracking: We will purchase a local phone number & display it on your website to track each and every phone calls that comes fro your newly enhanced site. Potential client calls will be automatically forwarded to your office phone and you'll receive an email confirmation of each call. We'll also install Google Analytics for you so you always know the number of visitors to your website, how long they stay on your site, pages visited, and what keywords were used to find client’s website. Plus, you'll also receive a detailed monthly marketing summary to continuously keep track of the effectiveness of your new marketing system.

Artificial-Intelligence & Competitive Analysis: We will conduct a competitive analysis report of your web presence each month and give you a comprehensive report of our findings. This will be fed to into our proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithm to strategically guide all marketing efforts, content creation, and SEO, so your website takes the fastest possible path to improve its various Google Maps’ keyword rankings.

Get Me Started On The Executive Marketing Package Now

Phase 2 (Months 4-6): Grow Online Presence in Relevant Channels to Attract Leads

- Continue to Add Content to your Website
- Continue Facebook Marketing

Video Marketing: We will assist you in creating four (4), ’voice-over’ or ‘talking head’ videos for the most highly trafficked pages of your website. Videos improve the percentage of website visitors that call or email for your services and often result in additional clients.

Solicit Reviews from Past Clients: We will assist you to ask past clients to review you on Google+, Yelp, AVVO. We all know that businesses that have the most positive reviews are resistant to the occasional bad review and may appear to be more trusted than competitors, making you a strong choice for the discerning potential client.

Phase 3 (Months 7-9): Expand Your Online Presence; Write a Book; Grow Lead Flow

- Continue Video & Facebook Marketing
- Continue to Acquire More Positive, Past-Client Reviews

Press Release: We will write and syndicate a professional press release (subject of your choosing) to massively increase your online exposure and create an omnipresence for your business.

E-Newsletter to Past Clients: We will design & email a semi-custom newsletter, sent monthly, to up to 1,000 of your former clients. This service includes tracking and reporting of who opens and who actually reads the e-newsletter.

Create a Speak-a-Book: We will interview you for 90 minutes to create a 50-80-page e-book, which can be emailed to your potential clients. Plus we'll put it on your website as a free download. If you want hard copies we can do that too for the cost of the printed books.

Phase 4 (Months 10-12+): Maximize Lead Flow; Re-focus on the Most Profitable Business Areas; Pull Ahead of Competitors

- Continue Video & Facebook Marketing
- Continue to Add Content to Website
- Continue to Acquire More, Positive, Past-Client Reviews
- Continue sending e-newsletter

Press Release: 2nd press release written, posted and syndicated re: YOUR NEW "Speak-a-Book”

Professional Pictures of You and Your Staff: We will hire a photographer to come to your office and take professional pictures of all staff and employees and you'll own all rights to the pictures. They will be strategically placed on your website to convey a more professional and prestigious image of your business and your employees.

Competitive Analysis & Re-focus of Strategy: We will perform a competitive analysis of Client’s web presence local competitors, and work with Client to develop a plan to maximize continued growth.

Get Me Started On The Executive Marketing Package Now

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