Take a look at what we've done for other entrepreneurs just like you.

Success Story #1

Dr. Michelle Alex was not satisfied with the income from her Podiatric Practice. So she used her intimate knowledge of her business to create a bolt on product that drastically increased her practices revenue. She paid good money for a killer webinar and then hired a generic online marketer to launch her product in same old tired method getting the same old tired results. After 7 months of frustration she had nothing to show for her efforts but a monthly bill from her vendor and mounting credit debt (Sound familiar?).  Desperate, she contacted us for help, and after we analyzed her pieces and funnel, realized that there were several components missing from her product launch system.


Success Story #2

Gene Kelly took knowledge and expertise from his 8 Figure trade school business that markets to individuals (B2C), to create a new info product that focuses on contractor businesses that are looking to get and keep the best employees through technical training (B2B).  He built the back end product, but needed a message and marketing to sell it, and as fast as possible, to the biggest list possible, AND with an ROI.


Success Story #3

Pastor Glenn Tucker wanted to grow his congregation through online marketing and had bought several thousand dollars of products to get him the results he wanted, but never had the time to get anything completed.  He also wanted to use his knowledge and expertise to help connect with people in his community.  After 30 days of working with us he has an EDDM campaign leading to his first book, with email follow-up…and this is just the beginning.


Success Story #4

Mike Layton, owner of Stochastic Marketing, had a new big list that he wanted to start marketing his services too, but was not sure how to get it setup and running on autopilot.  He also wanted to nurture his existing clients and to promote attendance at his annual event. Over the last year is business has increased 60% and he is now overloaded with new leads and just hosted his sold out annual event.  To take it a step further, he is now looking for guidance in acquisitions and eventually his own exit from his business.


Success Story #5

Rico Racosky developed a self-help info product years ago and wanted to get it patented and trademarked.  The due date to have the marketing pieces together to complete both of these things was coming up rapidly, so he turned to us to get it done in 30 days.  With that now complete, we can start focusing on launching the product and getting him sales and getting the whole process put on auto pilot.