Using Your Salesfuze Application

Getting Started

Welcome. Your dashboard is the hub of your Salesfuze application and where you start every time you need information about your account. Our goal is to get patients to show up to your door, in the event that does not happen here is a quick video to show you what you'll need to do to get them to reschedule and show up at a later date. 

Video and Voicemail Creation

Video Tip - Have someone else hold your phone and keep it steady or use a tripod
Voicemail Tip - Record this as a video on your phone just like above and we’ll extract the audio file from your video
Please send the files to [email protected] or share the files through Dropbox, OneDrive or GoogleDocs.

Start Seeing Salesfuze In Action

Fill out the form or Text FUZE to 314-282-2880 to start the action!