Walter Bergeron

Walter Bergeron, “a.k.a. The Ten Million Dollar Man,” is a U.S. Navy, Gulf War, Veteran who started his first business when he was just 12 years old. Combining his military discipline with his southern charm, he has worked tirelessly to build and sell 6 businesses. In 2012 he won the coveted Marketer of the Year title from the world's largest marketing training agency, he is a serial entrepreneur and a three–time best selling author. His passion to help other small businesses succeed is second only to his family and his faith.

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Marketer of the Year - Winner!

In 2012 Walter Bergeron won the national Marketer of the Year contest. This is the most coveted marketing contest for direct marketers. Something extraordinary about Walter winning this contest is that he isn't even a professional direct marketer. Most winners typically have some kind of marketing or sales company, education or background which gives them a tremendous advantage in this contest. But Walter won this contest as a by-product of massive growth in his industrial repair company using direct marketing principles combined with his unique style of shock-and-awe. Have a look at this video to see everything he did to accomplish this win.


Perry Marshall and Walter were members of the same consulting group and did some work together in the industrial electronic repair industry.

Dan Kennedy led one of the mastermind groups that Walter was a part of as he won the Marketer of the Year contest.

Dina Dwyer-Owens is the CEO of the Dwyer Group which owns over 14 franchisor companies including Glass Doctor, Rainbow International, Mr. Electric and Mr. Rooter. Walter and Dina worked on a marketing project together in 2013.

Walter Bergeron and Emmitt Smith meet for the first of many occassions.

Paul Hartunian is the man that sold the Brooklyn Bridge, 1 piece at a time and became famous for his use of newspaper advertising to accomplish this goal. Walter and Paul worked together in a mastermind led by Lee Milteer.

Walter and Barbara Corcoran became involved in the same business that Barbara purchased in 2014. Walter served as a marketing advisor to the company.


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