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Overcoming Business Growth Tunnel Vision Part-2

            In this second part of our 3-part article we are going to cover the second reason we get here so easily. The second reason that we as entrepreneurs get this small growth tunnel vision is because of a lack of awareness of all the massive growth possibilities that exist for us to use. Now we don’t usually do this intentionally, we don't mean to ignore things and ignore this wider view of massive growth, but sometimes we just lose sight of the big picture.



Overcoming Business Growth Tunnel Vision Part-1

Over the past few weeks, Sam and I have been talking to our mastermind and coaching clients. As we speak to these driven entrepreneurs we have noticed that we continuously to run across one major problem over and over again. It is a problem that significantly slows the growth of many, many businesses. This problem is that we as entrepreneurs have a lot of trouble overcoming something we have identified as business growth tunnel vision.

We call this problem business growth tunnel vision because that’s exactly what it is, it’s what seems to happen so often, we focus on only one...


Tremendous Value of Mastermind Groups and Why Everyone Should Be In At Least One Mastermind Group

Uncategorized Nov 30, 2018

Learn about the tremendous value of Mastermind Groups and Why You NEED to be in at LEAST one!!

Hey Driving Force members today we are going to connect you with  Gene Kelly the president of: American Gunsmithing Institute, Accelerated Training Institute, Kelly Family Vineyards and the author of a book called The College Myth – Why you shouldn’t go to college if you want to be successful.

In this episode Gene’s going to share with us:

  1. How to immediately remove the blind spots in your business while at the same time taking advantage of the biggest opportunities you...

How To Cast Negativity Out Of Your Business

Uncategorized Aug 20, 2018

Welcome to the Driving Force Mastermind podcast where we connect you with inspiring entrepreneurs and deconstruct the mindset, habits, and tools they use to build great businesses so that you can too!

Today we are going to connect you with Cheri Derryberry who is the president of Compass Cleaning Solutions, which is a franchisor with over 100 franchise owners. Compass Cleaning solutions helps people become their own boss and reap the rewards of owning their own business by partnering with Arizona’s leading commercial cleaning franchise company, Compass Cleaning Solutions.



The Driving Force Movement

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Connecting To Your eXtraordinary Resources

We love that you're taking massive action and you watched the first training video.

Now that you've seen how to take your idea and turn it into a Massive Vision, here's the next step.

In Training Video #2 you'll see how to take that Massive Vision and connect it to eXtraordinary Resources of your very own.

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In Training Video #2 here's exactly what you're getting:

1. You'll discover what exactly an eXtraordinary...


Creating Your Massive Vision

massive vision May 01, 2018

If you were interested in seeing the proof of the Inc 500 companies that grew at 34,021.05%, 36,065.06% and even 50,058.92% 

Then you'll love this new video we put together for you.

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Here's exactly what you're getting:

  1. The exact model the fastest .01% of companies are using to grow thousands of...

What’s Your Business Worth?

business Jan 03, 2017

No Matter What Someone Has Told You In The Past About What Your Business Is Worth, They Are 100% WRONG!

There are literally dozens of reasons to want to know what your business is worth, such as for a partnership buyout, maybe for an estate plan or even possibly for an employee stock incentive program. But, if you want to know what your business is worth so you can sell it, then there is only one correct answer.

Your business is worth what someone is willing to pay you for it.

That’s the only correct answer. Someone might tell you that it’s worth 3 times your EBITDA or the...


7 Secret Gems to Finding the Fortune in Masterminds


Engage in the power of a mastermind to navigate you down the shortcut to prosperity!

This past year I had the privilege of simultaneously being involved in 3 of the highest level GKIC mastermind groups, Peak Performers led by Lee Milteer and Platinum Mastermind led by Dan Kennedy. Along with these, I also earned the privilege of being involved in the mastermind called Winners Weekend, which was filled with Dan Kennedy offering his profitable counsel to the years’ top marketers on their businesses. After attending all of these events the results were nothing short of miraculous....


The Sam Effect!

sam frentzas Oct 12, 2016

What Is The "Sam Effect"?

Three deals ready to close, says the princi­pal of an exhibitor at last fall’s event. Ready to close, but won’t say “Yes” till they talk to Sam. “That makes Sam a very powerful man – he has earned the trust and respect of his clients that is simply un­breakable,” said Business Owner Partiv Shah. “I am sincerely impressed with the bond he has created between him­self and his clients – I can’t sell to his clients without his blessing!”

That’s the “Sam Effect,” a phrase...


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