How To Cast Negativity Out Of Your Business

Uncategorized Aug 20, 2018

Welcome to the Driving Force Mastermind podcast where we connect you with inspiring entrepreneurs and deconstruct the mindset, habits, and tools they use to build great businesses so that you can too!

Today we are going to connect you with Cheri Derryberry who is the president of Compass Cleaning Solutions, which is a franchisor with over 100 franchise owners. Compass Cleaning solutions helps people become their own boss and reap the rewards of owning their own business by partnering with Arizona’s leading commercial cleaning franchise company, Compass Cleaning Solutions.

Today Cheri’s going to share with us:

  1. How she’s gotten rid of all of the negative challenges in her personal life, enabling her to move forward in her business in really big ways.
  2. Then how she built herself a powerful inner circle and surrounded herself with the type of people that will drive her forward even faster.
  3. How she incorporates her charitable work in her business in a really inventive way that you may have never thought of.

So now let’s get to it:


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