The Sam Effect!

sam frentzas Oct 12, 2016

What Is The "Sam Effect"?

Three deals ready to close, says the princi­pal of an exhibitor at last fall’s event. Ready to close, but won’t say “Yes” till they talk to Sam. “That makes Sam a very powerful man – he has earned the trust and respect of his clients that is simply un­breakable,” said Business Owner Partiv Shah. “I am sincerely impressed with the bond he has created between him­self and his clients – I can’t sell to his clients without his blessing!”

That’s the “Sam Effect,” a phrase Partiv coined.

Sam Frentzas, who was recently promoted from business consultant to director of sales, is the trusted source many clients rely upon for business advice,

implementa­tion guidance, and sometimes just simple en­couragement. A wall in his office is covered in member thank you messages, pointing to what Sam’s done for so many – but the fact that he tapes them all up (dozens!) is a visual statement about how valuable clients are to Sam.

“It just reminds me of an accomplishment... I helped someone reach their goal. They came to me, they joined our family, and then they succeeded,” said Sam. “So we did our job as a company.”

Basically, the Sam Effect is this: “It’s about what can the clients accomplish with our stuff,” he says, “and that’s where the relation­ship building comes in.” And it’s not about just selling them more products, he adds, because the Sam Effect is about getting re­sults not just building a bigger bookshelf col­lection. “People I work with will call and ask me, ‘This is brand new, do I need it?’ Eight out of 10 times I’ll say, ‘No. Let’s work on what we’re doing and let’s accomplish this goal, then take the next step when we come to it.”

We sat down with Sam and asked him a few more questions:

Why do you think members trust you the way they do?

Sam: For me, I want to get to know the per­son I’m working with. They know where I'm coming from. I know where they're coming from. So, it's that kind of bond. And I want to make sure they do well.

It's not like, ‘Okay, we've talked on the phone. You’ve purchased a product and then good luck to you.’ I make sure that you get it done. It's just in my DNA to follow up and make sure that if you're stuck with something, let’s get figure out what you need. The lines of communication are always open – they know they have a consultant to work with, which is part of your Gold membership. This is about our family.”

Tell me one of your favorite member victories – an entrepreneur you’ve helped.

Sam: One of the first members I worked with was a member for about three years and all he did in three years was purchase a book. That was it. We spoke on the phone and his big thing was, ‘Well, my business is different. This won't work for me,’ which we've heard many, many times. After really taking a deeper dive, I knew the system that he needed. I didn’t think he was going to do it, but he said, ‘If you believe in it this much, I'm going to go ahead and take a chance. I'll try.’

The success was beyond his wildest dreams. And he not only made that purchase and implemented it, but then he got involved in our coaching groups and ascended within one year. I like to say, climbing the ranks of our groups – it led to success in his business, and that’s big-time return on investment.”

What’s your top goal now as direc­tor of sales?

Sam: First off, I wanted to make sure I am still able to consult with business owners – this is what I love to do, so I wouldn’t take that away!

In terms of a goal, it’s still early, but one thing that I do have in mind, and it goes back to how much I enjoy meeting our clients, I am working on bringing more new clients to our great event. They get immediate understanding about so much, plus they get to meet their consultants, have coffee and discuss their wins. We can also talk about my favorite two words: ‘What’s Next.’ I love when members say, ‘Ok, I’ve done this, we’ve succeeded, now what’s next?!’”

So, you’ve got lots of new stuff on your plate, Sam, but, since you like those two words so much, what’s next for you?

Sam: I’ve been really honored recently to be invited to mentor a student at the University of Colorado. Brian Higgins, is on the adjunct fac­ulty at their Leeds School of Business – he de­velops curriculum and teaches courses related to sales management and sales performance. So I’m very excited to begin this totally new area of sharing my business and sales experi­ence with a college student.

What do you most want clients to be aware of?

Sam: Well, I want to let the members know that we are a resource for them. Part of you being one of our clients is your consulting team. If you have an idea, you have a thought, you want to know something, this is where you pick up the phone. Give us a call, have a conver­sation. We are here to help. And absolutely, do everything you can to come to our events. Meet with your consultant. Strategize. This is what we're here for. We've all owned busi­nesses, so we can help. And the whole point of you being here is to take your business to the next level.


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