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What If We Could Fill Your Appointment Book For You and Do It For Free?
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No Longer Worry About Scheduling Enough Appointments
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Easily Increase Sales and Revenue for Your Practice
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Focus on Being a Doctor and Not a Salesman

 Who Has Time To Book Enough Appointments?

We know in order for you to have a growing and thriving practice, you need a steady flow of patient appointments.

But, who has time to follow-up with every patient and ensure enough appointments are getting booked?

We Do.

Welcome To The Driving Force Company

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At the Driving Force Company, we believe that Doctors and their staff should have the freedom to focus on their area of expertise and not worry if there are enough appointments scheduled for the month.

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By re-engaging inactive patients and following-up with current patients, our goal is to generate a minimum of $25,000 of additional revenue for your practice per month.

By re-engaging inactive patients and following-up with current patients, our goal is to generate a minimum of $25,000 of additional revenue for your practice per month.

Are You Ready For Your Practice To Hit High 6 And 7 Figures?

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Are you thinking about adding more specialized services and staff to your practice? Are you throwing around the idea of opening multiple locations for your practice? Are you ready to hit those high 6 and 7 figures in your practice?

Then schedule a consultation right now with 
The Driving Force Company.

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Here's How To Get Started

It's easy to get started and requires very little of your time.
Here are the steps to begin:


During your initial consultation with us we will ask you to complete a simple intake form to help us understand the scope of your practice.


We will customize a sales offer for your practice. We will submit this offer to you for review. Once we receive approval,  we will advertise the offer to your past and current leads.


We will request your database of active and inactive patients. Within 48 hours, we can launch your sales campaign and begin booking patients right away. We will take care of the entire appointment process for you

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So schedule your consultation with us
right now, so you can stop worrying about your appointments, and instead, watch your
practice and revenue grow.