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How To Get Your Business Through Cataclysmic Industry Downturns


How To Get Your Business Through Cataclysmic Industry Downturns

Jon Anderson president of Anderson Architects

Today we are going to connect you with Jon Anderson who is the president of Anderson Architects of Tucson Arizona. Jon is “The Home Whisperer”. He’s been directly responsible for the design and production of over 2.2 Billion Dollars’ worth of homes that have been built and sold by prominent home builders. He’s earned earned accolades and praise for creating designs that home buyers desire, and as a result home builders use these home plans as the cornerstone of their business. His home designs have been cost effective for home builders and feel larger, allowing home buyers to get more value and live more comfortably.


Today Jon’s going to share with us:

  1. How he’s made it through cataclysmic industry up and downs and how you can do it too.
  2. How he’s helped all 3 of his kids to launch out on their own in entrepreneurship.
  3. How to find the sweet spot in your business that will allow you to dominate your business and your industry

So now let’s get to it.


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