Blueprint to Creating a Seven Figure Coaching Business

A Step-by-step Blueprint to Creating your own Seven Figure Coaching and Mastermind Group by people that are actually doing it.

Are you Bored or Frustrated by What you Currently Do,
but still want to make a 6 or even 7 Figure Income?

Learn how to generate an additional $250,000 to a $1,000,000 or more in just 6 to 12 days per year, by adding Coaching & Mastermind groups as an Additional Income Stream that doesn’t take away from your regular business.

Would you like to make that kind of money without having to grind it out the same old way that you currently are?

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This is definitely a lifestyle business you will truly enjoy! Let us prove it to you.

What do you really want? And just as important, what don’t you want in your life?

Take this Quick, I Want/ Don’t Want Quiz:

Want: More income
Don’t want: To Work even more hours in my existing business to get it.

Want: To associate with an interesting group of people
Don’t want: To have to hang out with my existing customers doing the same old grind.

Want: To receive respect and admiration for the knowledge and success I have
Don’t want: To be just another guy, doing the same thing all the time until I die!

Join Us In Napa Valley

Join us for this One Time Opportunity, where we reveal and provide you with a complete Turn-Key, Coaching & Mastermind System, that is so easy to understand and implement, you won’t even spill your glass of wine in the process.

Trapped on the "work like a hamster" wheel?


Tired of what you do, or just can’t scale up your income?

Look, you are already successful at what you why not make money helping others become successful AND make a LOT more per hour than you do in your regular business?

You actually know MORE than you give yourself credit for and THIS is the perfect “Bolt-on” Business with High Margins!

Business owners and Professionals are begging for help and need a place where they feel like they belong. YOU can provide that “Place” with your own Mastermind Coaching Group and make a significant profit.

Do you want an additional source of income that has a HIGH profit margin, so that you can; Fund your Pension Plan, make additional investments, pay for all of your luxury travel, create a solid income stream that will allow you to break free of your current job, business or practice, or just to create a flood of extra cash flow that will enable you to pay off your debts and allow you to finally be free?

In this Three-Day Training Seminar, we are going to pull back the curtain and reveal:

  • How to find, attract and signup coaching members that will pay you $12,000 to $20,000 to as much as $50,000 or more per year to have you coach them.
  • 7 secrets for running a successful Mastermind that keeps them coming back for more.
  • The 5 Reasons that people want to join, and the ONE reason that you must exploit for maximum profit.
  • How-to manage & control the process so that your members are getting maximum value without you having to breaking a sweat.
  • The 3 Critical things you must do to Attract the RIGHT members quickly
  • The ONE question to ask that will have people begging to be included in your mastermind
  • The three primary coaching models and which one is right for you.

Plus, we will provide you with:

  • “Plug & Play” the exact Infusionsoft marketing funnel we use to recruit members into our 7 figure Coaching & Mastermind Groups. This cost us $15,000 by itself! – It is included with the seminar for you to use.
  • A complete blueprint in a binder of “Done For You” forms, outlines, check lists and templates so that putting together the Masterminds will be easy enough that you can delegate them to a staff member.
  • An easy to follow, step by step, simple script of exactly what to say to attract and sign up new members
  • A template of what to cover in your Masterminds to provide your members with maximum value.
  • A 60 day “Jump-Start” recruitment template

But Even More Amazingly On April 10th to the 12th

This will be the very first 3 Day Training Seminar that your spouse or significant other will actually WANT to attend!


Because we are meeting and staying at the World Class Napa Valley hotel

In this very special three-day event unlike any other:

Day One:

This will be an exclusive insider’s Napa Valley Experience, that will not only be a lot of fun, but during the entire day, we will be pulling back the curtain to show you exactly WHY we are providing you with this experience and how it will help you launch your own Mastermind Coaching Group!

It will clearly provide you with important lessons on running an effective Mastermind Group.

We will take private transportation to Stags Leap Winery and to two other impossible to get into wineries that I have connections to, with a Napa Valley lunch in between. We will cap off the day with a private dining experience.

Trust me, the entire day will be filled with teaching moments. (Along of course with Napa Valley Wine and Gourmet Food). I will even show you my vineyard and we will taste exclusive, limited production Kelly Family Vineyards Gold Medal Winning Wines!

The first day’s Napa Valley experience alone will be worth the trip! But you are here for the money, right?! So…

After Day one, your guest can either join us for the training or hang out in the Spa or go shopping with provided transportation to the factory outlets and downtown Napa.

Now THAT might get expensive, but don’t worry, what you will get in this “Done for you” Coaching & Mastermind system, will enable you to pay for dozens of days like that and still give you additional investment or play money.

Day Two:

You will be shown how to attract people that are wanting to join your Coaching & Mastermind Groups. As well as; How to do a simple consultation phone call or email to get people to give you the money for membership.

You will know what to do when; You first sign up a new member, what to say so that they stay in the program, and a plan for a 90 Day Nurturing program.

You will get the entire step-by-step breakdown, blueprint, and professionally written copy for each strategy.

Plus, we will have a guest speaker, Dustin Mathews teaching on Powerful Presentations and how one Great Presentation Can Make You Rich from speaking on stage to webinars Dustin will give you all the inside Baseball a 10K Value.

Day Three:

On day three we will cover the Actual Blueprint we use and codeveloped with Sixth Division. Not only will you understand the blueprint, but you actually GET THE SAME BLUEPRINT in digital form when you attend!! This Blueprint is worth $15,000 by itself, but in addition, we will have Brad Martineau the CEO and Co-Founder of Sixth Division, personally go over the 4 Core Strategies of the Blueprint with you. His consulting fees are usually an additional $10,000 a day, but you get them included for Free! This is an extreamly valuable tool that will make starting and running a Mastermind Group far easier and you don’t have to spend all the money with trial and error to get it done.

Plus, you'll get these Bonuses

Bonus #1: Three additional ways to generate even MORE Money from your members, with them writing you bigger and bigger checks gladly!

Bonus #2: Three volunteers will get to experience a real Master Mind “Hot Seat” for their existing business, where we will help them break through their biggest problems. This is huge value to them, but it will benefit you and EVERYBODY that attend this seminar. Why?!

Because in doing so, we will demonstrate how to facilitate an actual Master Mind meeting. Showing you how to control the entire process for the maximum benefit and outcome for each of your members. Then we will do a “Post Mortem” of the process so that you will be confident that you can do exactly the same thing. Once you see it, the confidence you will get from experiencing this will make holding your own Master Mind meetings easy.

We are truly pulling back the curtain and giving you the straight inside scoop on how Successful Mastermind groups are organized and operated to insure satisfied members that return year after year. What we are really doing is teaching you how to create “oil wells” that pump out cash year after year as your members will want and need to continue as a paying member.

As you can imagine, this 3 Day 7 Figure Coaching & Mastermind Blueprint in the Napa Valley isn’t cheap. It is an investment in creating significant income outside of your regular business.

In fact, this is for the big boys. If you can’t afford it, please don’t apply as we probably won’t accept you anyway.

In reality, this is very inexpensive even if you only use part of the Blueprint System. Because frankly, if you were Only able to put together just one Mastermind group of 10 individuals paying you only $1,000 each a month, that would still be $120,000 a year which isn’t bad for a
couple of days work, but certainly far less than what we want you to be able to do

If you assembled a larger group of 20 members who were paying a more reasonable $20,000 a year, that would be $400,000 a year for one Master Mind group. Which is little closer to what we do on a regular basis.

But, if you had TWO groups of 20 like we do, and charged $30,000 per person as we do, you would generate $1,200,000. (40 x $30K = $1.2mm) So north of seven figures, running what is basically a part-time business.

Now for full year of membership that is Prepaid in Full, we do discount the fee 20%, which provides you with some pretty nice cash flow to say the least. The margins are very large, but I am sure you would agree, they are well deserved, because we provide excellent value and growth to our members, and THAT keeps them renewing year after year. The same thing will work for you.

I say that it is kind of like creating Oil Wells that generate cash each year!

Yet, this entire training seminar with all the training, with a copy of our exact marketing funnel digital template, and blueprint in a binder, along with then entire Napa Valley experience; the total investment is only about the cost of one member in one of your groups. Just $21,000
which includes your spouse or one guest.

The Napa Valley Experience Day with local transportation and Lunch, 2 Gourmet Napa Valley dinners, are all Included!

Who this Is NOT For:
This is NOT for you, if you expect a package of magic beans that you can just dump on the ground and instantly have a money tree
producing a million dollars. This Does take some work. Although frankly most of it you can delegate to others.

But compared to what you do now, it is probably relatively easy and painless. Plus, it is interesting and fulfilling. And all you have to do is follow our Blueprint Template. So why wouldn’t you want to create a more prestigious life and income?

This also Isn’t for you, if you are drowning in debt and are grasping for a life preserver before you go down for the final time. This is only for people who are successful enough that they can easily afford the training and want to share their success with others and make money doing so.

Who this IS for:
This is for a successful business owner, professional or practitioner, who wants a break from their regular business, but at the same time wants to generate significant cash flow and profits.

The idea of simply gathering others in similar businesses and offering coaching along with a place to meet other like-minded people has great appeal to your potential members. After all, Birds of a Feather, Flock together.

The nice thing is that Mastermind Groups at this level attracts Eagles, not turkeys.

If you think you are right for this program, here is what you need to do next...

Join Us In Napa Valley
Our Guarantee:

Come and learn from the Seven Figure Coaching and Mastermind Blueprint, being held onetime in Napa, as we Reveal Everything! If by the end of the second day, you haven’t already seen exactly how YOU can create your own six or seven figure Master Mind Coaching Group, just tell us that you aren’t satisfied, and we will give you a complete refund, PLUS a case of limited production award
winning Napa Valley wine worth over $1,000 just for your trouble!!

BTW: What if you got hurt and couldn’t do your existing job/practice, you could probably still do this, so this plan B could easily become plan A in a real pinch and would therefore make sure that you don’t outlive your money.

You can do this at any stage of your business, now or in the near future. You don’t even have to have a mailing list to start.

After all, You ARE an expert, we are just showing you how to position yourself to use your knowledge to build a valuable group of people that WANT to give you money.

The fact of the matter is that you will be REALLY HELPING your members BIG TIME! Think about it they don’t have a Board of Directors, they are stuck, and through the power of the Master Mind and with your coaching, you can get them unstuck. It’s a huge benefit to them worth far more than their investment.

When you leave this Blueprint to Create a Seven Figure Coaching and Mastermind Group you will have all the tools to start your own 7 Figure Group!

Look, unlike other seminars that you may have been to, this one has been developed by people who actually already have successfully done it.

Who's Teaching It:

Walter Bergeron
I started when I was only 12 years old washing cars in my parent’s driveway and over the last 30 years since then, I have built from scratch, bought and sold multiple companies. The last one I built and then sold for $10 million, allowing me and my family to take over 4 years to travel and see the world. But I wasn’t always able to do this. You see, first I had to find the right business growth strategies to reach this level of success. But like you, I was a lone entrepreneur trying to figure things out by myself. After years of frustratingly small growth and lots of trial and error I finally decided to take Napoleon Hill’s words to heart and seek out a group of like-minded, already successful business owners to show me the path the success I was driven to achieve. Fast forward 10 years and I’m now the Marketer of the Year, a 3-time best-selling author, “The Million Dollar Total Business Transformation”, “The 8 Figure Exit Formula” and “Marketer of the Year.”

Sam Frentzas
I have spent most of my 30-year career in the financial world first as a commodity trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, then to running my own financial information marketing company and lastly, as is the tradition of Greek family’s, I built a restaurant from the ground up and sold it only two years later. These roles have ingrained in me the importance of creating highly leverageable connections and building tight relationships in order to execute business growth strategies and avoid the mistakes of trial & error that stop most business success in its tracks. Today I am using my skills of connection and my passion for negotiation to help other business owners reach the success they desire. I am also the Co-author of several books including, “The Driving Force Massive Business Growth Formula”, “Finding the Fortune in Masterminds”, “Advanced Negotiations and Stealth Persuasion” and “The Ultimate Guide to Personal Power” to name a few.

Gene Kelly
A Serial Entrepreneur, author, educator, international security vineyard and winery owner. He has created and sold over 80 million in educational information products and he also runs a coaching Mastermind group. He will be hosting this exclusive event in the Napa Valley where he lives.

As we said we are going to pull back the Curtain and teach you what we are doing at each step
in the process, so you will know what we are doing and what you are to do.
Now is the time, this is going to be a small group because we can only fit about 20 people on
the bus and the private venues, we are going to be visiting are small and exclusive. So, if you think you are right for this program, don’t wait, here is what you need to do next:
Join Us In Napa Valley
  • Adding just ONE New Member in your coaching mastermind group will pay for your entire Seven Figure Coaching & Master Mind Blueprint AND your Napa Valley Experience!
  • BTW, this is after all a Business Trip, you clear it as a business expense. But to be safe always check with your tax advisor.

So “Why” are we holding this in the Napa Valley? Well first of all if you it is certainly an attractive, fun place to meet. But more than that, it lessons about money and power all of which we will share with you at the event.

So, the question is, are you going to apply to join us or be shut out. If you even think that you might want to be involved, you need to take the next step.

Reserve your spot now for April 10th to 12th Blueprint to Create a 7 – Figure Coaching Business

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