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Massive Vision

Every business owner has great ideas to grow their businesses. But simple ideas are too small with no clear path to really achieve business growth. Ideas must be upgraded with more clarity and focus so they are worth pursuing. The first step in this toolkit will show you how to take your ideas and transform them into a bigger, clearer and focused Massive Vision.

eXtraordinary Resources

Ideas are useless unless they are implemented. You will need resources like people, money, spokespeople and vendors to execute that grow, but not all resources are created equal. Here, you will learn how you can connect your new Massive Vision to the highest caliber eXtraordinary Resources, enabling you to finally grow faster with less time and less effort than you ever could before.

Immediate Business Growth

The 5 simple steps in this toolkit will show you how to connect your new, more powerful Massive Vision to the highest caliber of eXtraordinary Resources. Within as little as 90 days from today you'll see Massive Revenue Growth in your business like you have never seen before and you could never achieve before on your own.

Unlock The FREE Business Growth Toolkit For Me Right Now Please!

What Makes Business Growth With The Driving Force Company So Different?

When it comes to building a business, many people experience a time when growth stalls. The 6 Proprietary Driving Force business models help businesses break through barriers, re-ignite their growth and get the business moving forward, faster than ever before.

We know it’s hard to keep growing your business and have helped hundreds of businesses implement a proven growth strategy. And when you implement a proven growth strategy, your business will confidently grow faster than ever before, you’ll be able to do more for your employees, charities and family and you’ll finally have time to be with the people you love, doing the things you love to do.

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The Driving Force Company accomplishes this with a series of mastermind meetings that are facilitated by Walter Bergeron and Sam Frentzas, creators of the Massive Business Growth Formula. Together they have over 50 years of entrepreneurial experience in over a dozen different industries. They created these 6 business models to help them clarify their own growth strategy, which has put their business on the way to the Inc. 500. To execute their strategy, not only did they connect with business superstar Mr. Marcus Lemonis, the famed star of CNBC’s ® “The Profit®” and “The Partner®” as well as CEO of Camping World®, Good Sam® and many other companies. But they also connected with Steve and Rick Cesari, the marketing geniuses behind the George Foreman Grill®, Oxiclean®, Sonicare Toothbrush® and GoPro® Camera. Not only has this formula worked for Walter and Sam, but it has also helped over 500 other entrepreneurs grow their businesses to levels they never thought possible.

With a partnership with the Driving Force Company, you will No longer need to guess how to grow your business. Instead you’ll tap into the power of 6 proven business models each with distinct advantages. They allow you to break free of the need to grow with the old business model of trading time for dollars and instead use one of the six new business growth models that break this link and allow you to easily double your revenue in the next 12 months... Guaranteed!

It’s hard to keep your business growth moving forward by yourself. Alone, you have blind spots and are unable see the clear path to the fast business growth you need. When you partner with The Driving Force you connect yourself to a powerful group of peers, all focused on your success, you will get your proven strategy and be able to confidently execute it faster than ever before.

Unlock the free video training right now. Why? So you can finally get started on the path to grow your business to a level that gives you more time to be with the people you love, doing the things you love to do.

Marcus Lemonis

Steve and Rick Cesari

Unlock The FREE Business Growth Toolkit For Me Right Now Please!

What others are doing after partnering with us

Amanda & Oleg

Nick Foster

Jon Anderson


Wes Matejka

Anthony Contreras


Gene Kelly owns a gunsmith training company and like most business owners Gene desperately wanted to grow his company fast. Gene became a member of the Driving Force Mastermind and immediately started on his path to massive growth. Within only 12 months he is on his way to train 100,000 U.S. veterans 10 different blue-collar skills to enable them to become more employable and have additional highly valuable skillsets. The power of the mastermind connected him to the U.S. Army training command to get his valuable training into the right hands on a national scale allowing him to transform his business and he is on his way to reaching his own Massive Revenue Growth.


Dr. Mitch Levin is a financial planner that started with a simple idea of being able to help local private medical practices save money on their taxes. After becoming a member of the Driving Force Mastermind he was able to connect with over 400,000 private practice owners and is now on his way to be able to train all privately owned medical practices proper money management so they can work only 3 days a week, 3 weeks a month and increase their income by over 30% while at the same time growing their practice 300%. Since becoming a member of the Driving Force Mastermind he is now on his way to reaching his own Massive Revenue Growth and doubling the size of his practice.

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