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As an entrepreneur, a business owner, we all have great ideas to grow our businesses so we can reach a level of financial and lifestyle freedom that we deserve from all of our hard work. But there’s a problem… everyday ideas and ordinary resources won’t ever give us the big results we dream of.

The fact is that everyone has ideas, some of them are even great ideas. But ideas, by their very definition, are only suggestions to a possible outcome and have no clear path, no visual plan to get us the growth we need. So, to take an idea and turn it into massive business growth, that idea needs to turn into a vision, and it needs to be a big vision… a Massive Vision. So that not only is it worth pursuing, since it takes the same time, energy and effort to grow your business with a small idea as it does a to grow your business with a big idea. But also, the right, clear and focused, Massive Vision, will attract connections to eXtraordinary Resources that can propel you toward massive growth much faster than any ordinary vendor could even come close to and faster than you ever thought possible.

When a Massive Vision is connected to eXtraordinary Resources you will be able to reach a Massive Revenue Growth like your business has never seen. This is the formula that will enable you to Grow The Business You Love So You Can Live The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams.

Is Arming Our Veterans With Much Needed Skills

Our client and friend, Gene Kelly, came to us with a simple idea to teach young men in his region of the country, that weren’t planning on attending college, a trade skill (electrician, plumber, welder, etc…) so, they could get a better job. Gene worked with us to expand his idea into a Massive Vision: To nationally train 100,000 veterans, 10 different blue-collar skills to enable them to have a more valuable employment skillset. This clear and focused vision was so massive that it attracted a connection with the eXtraordinary Resource of the U.S. Army Training Command! Now our buddy Gene is living his dream in a much bigger, more profitable and fulfilling way.

Going From Local Schools To National Television To Help Crush Childhood Illiteracy

Then we have our clients (and now close personal friends) Jim and Cathy. A driven entrepreneurial couple from the Midwest who own an educational services company. Their original, small growth, idea was simply to help kids learn to read more easily. An admirable idea, but it could be so much more to them and to the kids they truly want to help. So, we all got to work to transform that simple idea into the Massive Vision of… Nationally launching a reading program that helps every child read more easily using a new approach to reading that encompasses all the senses. This Massive Vision then attracted some eXtraordinary Resources to their side. The connection to marketing geniuses Steve and Rick Cesari. These are the same guys behind the George Foreman Grill, Oxiclean, Sonicare Toothbrush and GoPro Camera. Our friends Jim and Cathy are now able to fulfill a lifelong dream. Significantly helping to stomp out illiteracy in our country and reach their dream revenue that comes from a national product launch. Something they could have never done without the Massive Business Growth Formula (MV + XR = MRG).

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